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  Each of the books measures approximately 6 inches wide by four inches high by 1/4 inch thick.

101 great quotations celebrating life, meaning, and making a difference. This is the inaugural volume in the “Living” series of gift books.  The classic quotations are a great vehicle for expressing your mission and saying thank-you to customers, donors, and volunteers.

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101 classic quotations. A great companion for those who are pursuing a very personal definition of meaning and purpose.  The ability to live an authentic life is not just due to coincidence - rather, it's due to providence.  An inspiring volume.

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101 great quotations recognizing those who exhibit the courage of their convictions.   Without courage, important things don't get done.  Courageous people stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves. Acknowledge those in your circle who are the courageous ones.

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When you’re living a life of abundance, it’s because you’ve finally figured out that it’s not all about more money and more stuff. It’s about making a difference. Here are 101 amazing quotations that affirm all those who are intent on living a life of abundance.

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Integrity . . .  This book contains 101 of the best quotations on leading, loving, and living with integrity.  The quotations included will make you think and lend a chuckle now and then.  Inspire yourself and others with this great book!

Click here to look inside. (Covers will be up soon.)    

Watch for the upcoming titles In the “Living” series of fully customizable gift books.

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