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Question:   Why are these development officers smiling?
Answer:   Because they have already ordered books for their donors!

Note: Personalization available in bulk quantities or use your own sticker to personalize.

1. Give to volunteers during Volunteer Week
2. Give at employee awards banquet
3. Send to customers/donors with personal letter from the organization's president
4. Tie with ribbon and give away at a recognition dinner
5. Use as a table favor at black-tie dinner or fundraising event
6. Holiday gift for department directors or your entire team
7. Gift for physicians or faculty on the staff
8. Celebrate culmination of annual campaign
9. Use as a premium for donors who send $50 or more in response to a direct mail appeal
10. Use as a “welcome” gift to all new donors who give during the year or customers who buy from your business
11. Giveaway at Chamber of Commerce event
12. Commemorate 10th Anniversary (or 25th, 50th, 75th, 100th)
13. Use as table favors for wedding guests, or at 25th or 50th Anniversary parties

Advantages of these book over typical specialty items:

A keepsake that is very affordable
It’s something new and different
Classier than a plastic whatchamacallit
Promotes a philosophy of making a difference

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