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Standard Books

Price each* $8.00

Customized Books - your organization's name on the cover

Price each*

*Please read this page carefully:All orders prepaid in U.S. Dollars. Orders currently accepted from the U.S. and Canada, however some prices are different for Canada, so send an inquiry. Typically, we supply an invoice for ordering / processing your check.

Standard books: Shipping in the U.S.: Quantities of 1 - 5 books, add $2 per book to the purchase price for shipping & handling. Quantities of 6 - 15 books add $1 per book for shipping & handling. Ask about shipping for larger orders (or Canadian orders) so that you can add it to your pre-payment. Mail your order to Designs for Giving, P.O. Box 506, Brookeville, MD 20833. Be sure to include your name and address.

Customized books:There is a $75 set-up fee for cover art / personalization and electronic cover proof.

Organization agrees that customized quantities of five percent over or under will be considered within acceptable limits and will pay for overage upon receipt of invoice. We are not liable for delays in shipping for any reason.

All sales:Maryland purchasers add 5% sales tax or provide proof of tax exempt status.

Prices subject to change without notice, however current prices are posted here.

Now there's a great way to recognize donors, volunteers and customers with a product that is classy, tasteful, and very, very affordable - whether in its standard format or in a personalized format with your organization's name on the cover!

It's simple to get these books:

  1. Read through the examples of how to use the books. 
  2. Choose your book 
  3. Determine your quantity 
  4. Decide your personalization (available on quantities of 100+).
    Choose one:
    • Compliments of Your Organization Name
    • With gratitude from Your Organization Name
    • From your friends at Your Organization Name 
  5. Read all instructions. 
  6. Contact us. We’ll be happy to produce an invoice / order form for your use. 
  7. Mail the order form with your check. (All book orders are prepaid in U.S. Dollars. In some cases, shipping is billed at a later date).  
  8. Approve the electronic cover proof when it arrives (personalized covers only). 
  9. Get ready to receive your books!

    Questions? Email us by clicking here.

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